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Students’ Corner

Architecture Design by Abdul Razak Thanveer

Architecture Design: The project was to use the concept of Meta Architecture to design a commercial building. The site was located in mangalore. The purpose of the Meta Architecture is to make strategic architecture choices from principles of regional/vernacular architecture. The design was inspired by traditional central courtyard house. The final design plan included a central courtyard with double height floors on the south side with sloping mangalore tiled roof.

Research Study Program by Abdul Razak Thanveer

Research Study Program : The aim of the project was to document a step-well located near to subramanya temple, 14 kms from kannur town, Kerala. The documentation process involved going physically to the site and do a measured drawing of the step-well. Returning back, plan and sections were made in CAD using the data from physical site. A model with cardboard was also made. It was an interesting exercise in learning about the ancient vernacular techniques of step-well construction.

Architecture Design by Hasan Shabiq

The project was to design a mixed use building that accommodates hotels, co-working spaces, commercial units with car showroom at the ground level. The building was to be a high rise structure located in Kannur, Kerala on a 2.5 acre site. My concept was Coral Reefs. The design involved utilizing the maximum usage of site with a curved portion to accommodate the uneven site boundary. The material was a combination of glass and aluminum. I believe I was able to achieve the design requirements and the overall design looked good.

Architectural Design by Suraj S K

The requirement is to design a housing solution catering to the residents of the locality where the site was located. The site was in rajender nagar, bangalore, one of the poorer sections of the city. My concept was “street in the skies”- made famous by Architect Le-Corbusier. My design solution was to provide a vertical building with ramp as the main access which encourages the concept of streets on the skies. The layout was organicaly designed to expand horizontally and vertically with plenty of open spaces which will form tiny neighborhoods among the residents.