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PINTURA, Painting Workshop

Mr Prabhaker, Professional Painter

DATE : 21-AUG-2018

Painting of buildings apparently seems to be fun job, with the designers role limited to selection of random colours. The  intricacies of the painting process and the challenges involved in painting can be understood only by undertaking a live painting exercise and through  personal involvement.

To sensitise students to the various processes of painting using enamel paints, a professional painter Mr Prabhaker, was engaged to help hands on painting by guiding students to prepare the surfaces, the application of putty, the sanding of surfaces, holding of paint brush, techniques of handling the paint brushes, thinning of paints and also cleaning of brushes using solvents.

Students spent 2 days painting the woodwork in the department premises, including the lobby lamina and the doors using primary colors. An exercise in creating shades of yellow was also tried out resulting in a stunning impact to the entire lobby.