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Parent Teachers Meeting


DATE : 05-05-2018

Education to be most effective, needs great rapport and understanding between the 3 important stakeholders namely, the students, parents and the faculty. The combined effort of all these stakeholders helps forge better quality of students who are focussed and committed to their goals.

It is a priority at BEADS to engage regularly with the parents, through meetings at campus or direct telecon between the faculty and parents, to keep them informed about the status of students and their progress. In addition, monthly reports stand dispatched reflecting the attendence, the internal asessment grades and remarks of the subject teachers to keep the parents continually briefed should attention be needed from their end.

This featured meeting was attended by the Chairman, Mr Syed Mohamed Beary, the Trustee of BAL, Mr Mazhar Beary, Admission in-charge Dr Mustafa Basthikodi, Principal of BEADS, Ar Ashok LP Mendonca, apart from all the faculty of BEADS. General address was followed by one to one meetings with all parents who made it convenient to attend the event.