Bearys Shiksha and Suraksha Fund (BSSF) the brainchild of our Chairman Mr. Syed Mohamed Beary started in the year 2010. The objective of BSSF is to help our employees meet the educational expenses of their children and ensure that meritorious children have equal opportunity to forge ahead.

Every employee of Bearys Group is encouraged to make a voluntary contribution to BSSF from their salaries. At the end of the academic year, the management makes a matching contribution equivalent to the staff contribution. The total amount collected is utilized to help the needy employees to meet the educational expenses of their children. Applications are invited from employees every year and amounts are disbursed based on the criteria of eligibility, and merits.

This year disbursement of Bearys Shiksha and Suraksha Funds were undertaken on 19-09-2022 at Bearys Institute of Technology, Mangalore and Bearys Public School, Mangalore. Disbursement for Kodi Group of Institutions was completed on 20-09-2022.

BSSF has touched the lives of more than 100 employees every year. Employees drawing lesser income can now afford better education for their children and ensure that the next generation has equal opportunity to excel and live a more comfortable life.