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Writing for impact

Ar. namrata toraskar

DATE : 14-FEB-2020

The two-day workshop on thesis writing was conducted with the aim of preparing the 1st batch of BEADS who would be venturing into thesis semester in their 10th semester of the B Arch program.  Ar. Namrata Toraskar, Faculty, Wadiyar Centre for Architecture, Mysore was invited to help and guide our students for this critical journey.

This workshop was aimed to bust certain myths about thesis and help participants to formulate guidelines and methods for a more meaningful thesis exploration. This would majorly be done by showing the participants how to convert their knowledge into information for the readers of their document through an introduction to certain methodical aspects of firstly, evolving a thesis topic and secondly, writing a thesis document.

Defining what constitutes a thesis is a daunting task, because there is no consistent view across the architectural discipline due to the multiple design and research approaches that the discipline allows. The workshop would further introduce in the most basic and general sense the components of a thesis book. Thesis as a research report which when aided by techniques such as mind-mapping, question formulation etc. would help the participants methodically and efficiently write a thesis document.