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AK-Interior design wow awards 2020

Hasan Shabiq, Arshi Habeeba, Mahammad Ansaf

Date : 17-JAN-2020

AK- Interior Design WOW Awards is the platform that recognizes the excellence in architectural and interior design that have gone a step beyond in design to inspire generations while enriching user experience.

This years theme under student category was to design a playhouse for toddlers. The design called for creating a child friendly atmosphere under the supervised control of teachers and child care assistants. The time of use will be weekdays from morning to late evening.
We started looking at existing kindergartens and montessori and realized that static atmosphere in the rooms creates a monotony and hence boredom among the children. We started on finding ways for a more dynamic atmosphere which will keep the children engaged for the long duration they are in the playhouse. 

Most design elements were created with this theme in mind. Overall, we could achieve a lot of things we set out to design in spite of the limited timeline.