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Council of Architecture Inspections, AY 2018-2019


DATE : 01-05-2018

A team led by Convener Ar Harinder Singh Boparai and Ar Niranjan Kumar from Ludhiana, conducted  inspections of the school between 1st and 2nd May 2018 for granting extension of license for the Academic Year 2018 -2019. The inspections involved the scrutiny of the infrastructure, the academic processes, the qualifications of the faculty and general standards of program being offered at the school.

While at the college they spent time interacting with students and delivered guest lectures, post completion of inspections and shared their long professional experience with the budding architects of the future.

The inspections were conducted and license granted by the Council during the tenure of President, Ar Vijay Garg and Registrar Mr RK Oberoi.