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Chairman’s Visit to Bearys Knowledge Campus

Bearys Knowledge Campus, Innoli

DATE : 14-MAR-2020

The Chairman of Bearys Education, Mr Syed Mohammed Beary, made one of his periodic visit to the campus and  took part in the morning assembly. He used this opportunity to connect with the students’ body and shared his views on the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the health of the individuals but also the economic challenges and opportunities that this will bring about. Principal of BEADS, Prof. Ashok LP Mendonca, spoke how these are extra-ordinary times and need for introspection of humans’ equation with nature.

The assembly was also attended by Principal of BIT, Dr Manjur Basha, Director of BIT Ploytechnic, Dr Aziz Mustafa and  HoDs of various departments of the 3 institutions. All activities at the campus, academic and administrative were covered ending with a address by the Chairman to all teaching and non-teaching staff of the institutions.