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3rd Year Works

Design Project by Amal Faizal

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A 5th semester minor project, where we are asked to design a fine dining family restaurant, in the site of Inoli. The design is greatly inspired by the wonderful environment around the site and the minimalist raw designs of legendary architect Peter Zumthor. The idea was to create a space, enclosed yet open, where the transition from exterior to interior is shrunk with a bamboo screen.

Architecture Design by Arshi Habeeba

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Fine dining restaurant located in BEADS campus for both students and families. I designed separate dining areas for students and families/girls. Take-away counter was provided and an independent entry/exit for kitchen goods was also given. My concept was to design a building with sustainable materials but with a modern look. Kitchen design was done keeping veg and non-veg area separate with cold storage and washing area for dishes. Sandwiched hybrid sloping roof for insulation was given with ventilation at top for hot air to rise.

Study of Building Structures by Ayshath Nazmi

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Building Structures - Study of Space frame, Rigid frame design: We learnt about working stress design and load factor design. Dead and live load calculations were introduced. This drawing was part of the space frame design with structural elements .