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Bearys Enviro Architecture Design School

At BEADS, we are dedicated to nurturing architects who will design and build India’s future. Our holistic approach to design embraces all aspects of architecture. The learning experience is focused around the studio, based on the traditional one-to-one approach to design teaching. The studio culture is strong with high-quality working space, workshops and computer aided design facilities. Academic staff are supported by visiting professors and tutors from local and leading Indian practices, providing an exciting and informative mix of design approaches and experiences.

Mission & Vision


The mission of BEADS is to nurture and inspire design-minded and responsible architecture students. BEADS graduates demonstrate a firm foundation of critical thinking, ethical behaviour, and a culture of professional practice on their way to becoming socially responsible leaders of change for our global society. Our focus is to creating structures that are: Architecturally Significant, Functionally Sound, Environmentally Focused and Offer Highest Value for Investment.


Our vision is to be a leading provider of architecture and design education focused on improving the quality of life in the built and natural environments, locally and globally, as informed by nature, supported by research, focused on professional practice, and committed to sustainability.

Upcoming Events

Green Walkathon

Green Walkathon

Our Esteemed Chairman

Syed Mohamed Beary

Chairman's Message

Bearys Enviro-Architecture Design School (BEADS) is the high point of over 100 years of my family’s interest, involvement and passion for excellence in education. From its very inception, The Bearys Group has believed that Triple E: entrepreneurship, education, the environment, and by extension, architecture are contiguous. My vision is that “Nature must inspire our architecture, and education must inspire our young minds to become entrepreneurs of sustainable architecture”. We are what our buildings say about us. Like Winston Churchill has succinctly said, “We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” How we design, the materials we use, the spaces we occupy, their impact on our lives and well-being, the energy we consume, all define our present and predicate our future.

Through BEADS, we endeavour to make quality education in architecture more inclusive, accessible and affordable. We have intentionally located BEADS in Mangalore, an established educational hub and an emerging South Indian metropolis that is experiencing a surge in building and construction activity. Our budding architects will have ample opportunities to put their academic knowledge into practice through workshops, internships, industry-academic partnerships.

While I believe we need to offer our students everything from engineering and structural design, to building and project management, to graphics and design, and also inculcate business acumen, we must strongly emphasize sustainable architecture as the long-term vision and goal of this institution. Bearys Group is a leader in sustainable development, as is evident from the numerous awards bestowed on buildings put up by the group in India and I look forward to nurturing architects who will share our vision and leave their mark on our architectural landscape.

With this in mind, I invite you to enrol in our School, a place where you will meet – and interact with – practitioners and peers who will become your trusted friends and community. Here, we help you to find your passion and achieve more than you ever thought possible. If excellence is what you seek and wish to practice, I look forward to welcoming you at BEADS.

Our Team

  • Mohammed Nissar
    Mohammed Nissar Dean
  • yogesh
    yogesh Associate Professor
    ARABINDO GUPTA Asst. Professor
    SAIKARAN Asst. Professor
    NAJID SVP Asst. Professor
  • V P Abijith Jain
    V P Abijith Jain Asst. Professor
    MOHAMMED SALMAN Asst. Professor


  • "Impressive indeed... The infrastructure, the faculty, its commitment, everything... I wish the school attaining a coveted place in Education. Realm soon...!"

    Prof. Uday Gadkari
    Prof. Uday Gadkari President, Council of Architecture New Delhi
  • "With a setting like this and the determination you have no excuse NOT to perform. Best Wishes!"

    Ar. PVK Rameshwar
    Ar. PVK Rameshwar Former Director, CEPT Ahmedabad
  • “Great beginning, Excellent hospitality. Wish BEADS a bright future”

    Vasanth K. Bhat
    Vasanth K. Bhat Dean, Acharya's NRV School of Arch. Bangalore
  • "With the vision of a great location to start with, only the sky is the limit for BEADS!! "

    Gayathri Shetty
    Gayathri Shetty Founder, Gayathri & Namith Architect Bangalore
  • "Great people, place and amazing emotions, power to this institution"

    Shahrukh Mistry
    Shahrukh Mistry Mistry Architects Bangalore
  • Saare jahaan se achha.... Best Wishes...

    Ashok Lall
    Ashok Lall Founder, Ashok B Lall Architects New Delhi

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